Lincoln Club Joins San Diegans Supporting Repeal of Big Box Ordinance; Over 53,000 Signatures Filed in Support of Consumer Choice

December 30, 2010

(San Diego) -- The Lincoln Club of San Diego County today joined with over 53,000 voters to urge the San Diego City Council to focus on solving the budget crisis and addressing pension reform, rather than hampering the economy and limiting options on where to shop.

Petitions with 53,948 signatures were turned in late Wednesday afternoon, December 29, to the San Diego City Clerk, which must verify a minimum of 32,741 valid signatures of registered voters to qualify the referendum for a special election.

“Mayor Sanders got it right in vetoing this ordinance. Consumers are perfectly capable of deciding on their own where to shop. They don’t want politicians to make those choices for them. Voters need their elected officials to work on creating jobs and encouraging businesses to invest in San Diego,” said T.J. Zane, President & CEO of the Lincoln Club. “Unfortunately, organized labor unions convinced a majority of City Councilmembers to restrict competition and consumer choice by passing this ill-advised legislation. It discourages economic growth and does nothing to protect small business. It’s bad for San Diegans trying to make ends meet and bad for the city which should be encouraging job growth and consumer choices.”

With voters calling for a special election to overturn this ordinance, the City Council can avoid a $3 million special election by repealing this ordinance at a regular Council meeting. The Lincoln Club urges the City Council to take the fiscally-responsible approach and repeal the ordinance.

About The Lincoln Club

The Lincoln Club of San Diego County is the only organized, business-oriented political action committee in the County that makes an impact in local elections by supporting pro-economic growth policies and candidates. The Lincoln Club’s membership is comprised of politically like-minded and influential business and civic leaders from across the broad spectrum of the county’s diverse economy. As an influential and respected political organization, The Lincoln Club unites behind clear, focused messages that resonate within the business community; fills a void in public debate as a reasoned, pragmatic voice on business and economic issues; and avoids divisive social issues, uniting and building victories in a political marketplace overcrowded with more picket signs than actual accomplishments. Visit to learn more.

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